Monday, November 19, 2007

Dallas looks to bicycles to deal with pollution, congestion

Dallas, in oil-friendly Texas, is encouraging cycling for commuting to fight the city's air-pollution and traffic-congestion troubles. They are keen on increasing bicycle use for short errands, under a mile, and commutes to public transit. To do so they will expand the bike path network around the city. If Dallas is doing this, why can't more Canadian cities get around to providing facilities?

Notable quote from the article in the Dallas Morning News:
"We have this picture of cycling commuters as being like supermen, and that discourages other people from doing it," said P.M. Summer, transportation alternatives coordinator for the city of Dallas. "When I came into this job, our thinking was we needed to enable cyclists to make 40-mile bike trips. Now my thinking is we need to have development in place that allows a cyclist to make a one-mile bike trip."

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