Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Global Ride wins with indoor training DVD set

Global Ride has scored a hit for all of us who train indoors on rainy days or in the winter, with its new DVD set for indoor training. Each video is about 50 minutes of warm-up, workout and cool-down, all taking place on various scenic roads throughout Hawaii. The international spin instructors(professional Australian, American and Italian coaches) also help set the pace, encouraging you to give your all but at the same time pacing your performance throughout the 50 minute session. Cool house and trance tracks energize you as you cycle, providing a beat to pedal to.
The screenshots above show the video, always from a cyclist's viewpoint, and moving along at the cyclist's pace. The camera speeds up, for instance, when the road is descending, so it gives a real impression that you are actually there! This DVD set is great for the winter too, as a bit of escape to tropical Hawaii. The next step is to automatically vary the cycle trainer's resistance from the DVD itself, as the virtual cyclist passes along the coastline of Hawaii.

Global Ride's website here.