Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New indoor cycling training aid - first person video and dashboard

In the cold Canadian winter, there aren't as many chances to get out and peddle as we would like, but keeping the cycling up is key to keeping in shape and hitting the spring in good form. Recently Ride Fit (www.ride-fit.com) has come out with a new series of virtual indoor cycle training videos that provides a more interesting indoor cycling experience.  To provide the most realistic virtual cycling experience possible, Ride Fit videos are shot from the first person perspective so that users feel like they are on the road.  Shown below, a simple on-screen digital dashboard also provides critical workout information (such as target resistance, cadence and effort level) and a terrain profile with progress indicator shows the user where they are and what’s coming next so rides can be paced appropriately.


Unknown said...

A fabulous winter in southern ontario so far this new year. The cycling community of the Niagara region is still out in full force...using RevoH2O to stay hydrated during winter rides.
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Tried to become a follower, but couldn't find your gadget to join. Will check back to read more! cheers!

city said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing....

Unknown said...

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