Tuesday, April 28, 2009

London bike-sharing locations revealed

Londoners will enjoy access to about 6,000 bicycles across nine boroughs in a bicycle-sharing scheme similar to Vélib in Paris. Among the planned locations are Spitalfields Market, Edgware Road, Park Lane, Baker Street and Soho Square. The scheme should increase bicycle trips by 400 percent by 2025. Mayor Boris Johnson hopes the system will be operating by next May. He had this to say:

"I pledged to deliver a cycling revolution across the city, and there is now a growing excitement about our cycle hire scheme, which will give all Londoners the opportunity to hop on a bike and experience the joys of cycling. Much like hailing a cab, people will be able to pick up one of 6,000 bikes, and zip around town to their hearts' content - not only a quick, easy, and healthy option, but one that will also make London a more liveable city."

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Michael said...

We want Bike sharing in Australia too. A contract has just been signed to bring Bixis to Melbourne.

But there is a stumbling block. Our compulsory helmet laws.

It's just too hard to dispense helmets automatically, apparently.

I found this out at a recent conference and made this film