Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bulgaria competes with China for bike manufacturing

The Bulgarian bicycle industry is expecting a 40% increase in production after receiving official permission to import parts without paying an anti-dumping tax. As long as Chinese elements do not exceed 60 per cent of the bicycle price, Bulgarian makers would not have to pay the 48.5 per cent anti-dumping tariff.

Last year, the Bulgarian bicycle industry produced over 450,000 bicycles, of which 100,000 were sold locally. Bulgaria has six manufacturers, Cross, Leader-96, Maxcom, Robifir Bike, Velomania and Balkanvelo, and it expects rising sales due to the increasing focus on health and environment in Bulgaria and Europe. Bulgaria has a competitive advantage over China due to its location in Europe, which reduces shipping times. Below, the Bulgarian Prime Minister riding a bicycle through Bourgas.


Benzar said...

Yes Its true aobut Bulgaria. I bought myself a Bulgarian bike last month, and I rest very satisfied. Good price for good quality.

bathmate said...

nice posting....i like it...it is really helpful to all...