Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bicycles 4 Humanity

Bicycles for Humanity gathers up your old used bikes and refurbishes them, and sends them in a container, along with tools, to Africa. The Africans, who may not have any other mode of transportation, are now able to see doctors, go to work a little farther from home, and sell their goods in markets in larger cities. B4H will train the Africans on how to repair the bikes, when they eventually break down, and provide them with the spare parts to do it!

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Julie Melanson said...

Thanks for posting this info Nyall. I took up collecting bikes in Vernon BC this year to send a container. It is a big job but will be well worth it, once it is shipped!

I race my mtn bike, so I hope that the people who are gifted the bikes will get as much enjoyment out of riding them as they do opportunity for income to feed their families.

My biggest challenge is raising the money for the shipping costs, with the increased cost of shipping.